Vision and Mission

Our Vision


"I shall transcend my self, be a Universal man;

and be humble soldier of my motherland".

- Umashanker Joshi (Gujarati Poet)


In simple words the vision of the University is

  • to inculcate values of equality, unity and justice
  • to provide leadership in higher education by imparting quality and socially relevant knowledge
  • to contribute to advancement of knowledge through research, publications and dissemination
  • to make student conscious of their duty to the country and to fellow human being.

Our mission

  • to educate student in all areas of scholarship and to advance knowledge
  • to develop citizens with knowledge, skill and character leading to social transformation and national development
  • to develop aptitudes and skills of students to equip them to face the challenges and need to fast emerging society
  • to create greater opportunities for girl students in order to prepare them to be effective leaders.